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Role of the MOG

The Fijian Government has invited Australia, India and Indonesia to jointly establish and lead the Multinational Observer Group (the MOG) to observe the 2018 Fijian General Election. The MOG is independent and impartial and will assess whether Fijian voters are able to exercise their vote freely and whether the outcome of the election broadly represents the will of Fijian voters.


The MOG is observing and evaluating a wide-range of election activities and processes. These include, but are not limited to, voter registration, voter education, pre-polling, postal voting, the nomination and registration of candidates, vote counting, disputes and the determination and dissemination of results.


The MOG is engaging with political parties, candidates, civil society, non-government organisations and the Fijian public. The MOG will detail its observations at the end of the electoral process.


The MOG’s Terms of Reference sets out the framework and scope within which the MOG works and conducts itself. The Terms of Reference give the MOG full freedom of movement throughout the country and unimpeded access to all persons involved in election processes. The full Terms of Reference, including the MOG’s Code of Conduct, is available below in the Key Documents section.


The MOG hopes to play an important part in ensuring the confidence of both the people of Fiji and the international community in Fiji’s electoral processes. 

Structure of the MOG

The MOG consists of both long-term observers, who are currently in Fiji, and short-term observers, who will arrive in the lead up to polling day. Both long-term and short-term observers will stay until polling and counting of the General Election are complete. 


The MOG is led by three Co-Chairs, one from each of the three co-lead countries – Australia, India and Indonesia. The Co-Chairs are independent of their home governments and responsible for the overall management and coordination of the MOG.


The Co-Chairs are supported by the MOG Secretariat, which will coordinate logistical support and briefings for short-term and long-term observers from all participating countries. The day-to-day operations of the Secretariat are managed by the Observer Coordinator.

MOG Reporting

Following the General Election, the MOG will issue an interim media statement detailing its observations. The MOG will also issue an observation report. The interim statement and report will assess whether Fijian voters were able to exercise their right to vote freely and whether the outcome of the 2018 General Election broadly represents the will of Fijian voters. The report will also offer recommendations for improving the integrity and effectiveness of future elections. 


The interim statement and the observation report will reflect the independent views of all members of the delegation, and will not be attributable to their home countries or organisations.

MOG Co-Chairs (left-to-right)

The Hon Jane Prentice MP, Mr Mukesh Chandra Sahu and H.E. Wajid Fauzi

MOG Observer Coordinator Ms Alice Cawte

MOG Leadership Team

MOG Co-Chairs

The three co-chairs are the Hon Jane Prentice MP (Australia), Mr Mukesh Chandra Sahu (India) and H.E. Wajid Fauzi (Indonesia). The Co-Chairs are independent of their home governments and responsible for the overall management and coordination of the MOG.

Mrs Prentice is a Member of the House of Representatives in the Parliament of Australia and an experienced former Minister. She has a strong history of supporting democracy internationally, including in the Pacific, and is also the chair of the Australia-Pacific Parliamentary Network.


Mr Sahu is the Chief Electoral Officer of the State of Assam in India. He has previously served in other senior positions in the Government of Assam, including Commissioner and Secretary of the IT Department and Secretary of the Election Department. Mr Sahu also previously served as Principal Secretary of the Bodoland Territorial Council in Assam.


H.E. Fauzi is the Special Advisor on Management Affairs to Indonesia’s Foreign Minister. Previously, he was the Indonesian Ambassador to Yemen. H.E. Fauzi is also Chair of Indonesian Elections Committee of Overseas Voters. In this role, he is responsible for administering Indonesia’s overseas voters’ registration and overseas voting process.

Observer Coordinator – Ms Alice Cawte

Ms Cawte is a senior career officer with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Her recent responsibilities have included Australia’s relations with Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, and with regional organisations, including the Pacific Islands Forum. 


The Observer Coordinator is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the MOG Secretariat and reports to the three MOG Co-Chairs. The Observer Coordinator is an independent role.

Key Documents

MOG Terms of Reference - sets out the framework and scope within which the MOG must work and conduct itself.


Download Terms of Reference


MOG Code of Conduct – outlines the conduct expected of all MOG observers.


Download Code of Conduct


For more information on Fijian electoral laws and observer accreditation, please visit the Fijian Elections Office website: https://www.feo.org.fj

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