India looks forward to contributing observers

India’s High Commissioner to Fiji, Vishvas Sapkal, met with MOG Secretariat staff on 5 October to discuss logistical arrangements for India’s participation in the observer mission.

India is one of the MOG’s three co-lead countries, along with Indonesia and Australia. India was also a co-lead country of the 2014 MOG.

“India is pleased to be one of the MOG co-leads and we are committed to working closely with all countries that contribute observers to the MOG,” said High Comissioner Sapkal.

“As the world’s largest democracy, we look forward to contributing observers for this important election.”

High Commissioner Sapkal also said that India plans to announce its Co-Chair soon.

The MOG is led by three Co-Chairs, one from each of the three co-lead countries. The Co-Chairs are responsible for the overall management and coordination of the MOG.