Indonesia looks forward to observing the election

Indonesian Ambassador to Fiji, Benyamin Scott Carnadi, welcomed the arrival of Multinational Observer Group (MOG) members to Fiji when meeting with MOG Secretariat staff on 4 October.

Indonesia is one of the MOG’s three co-lead countries, along with India and Australia. Indonesia was also a co-lead country of the 2014 MOG.

“Indonesia is happy to take on the role of co-lead and I look forward to having Indonesian observers accredited to the MOG soon,” said Ambassador Carnadi.

“The MOG’s work will help ensure the election is held credibly, transparently and in a manner that properly aligns with democratic values.”

Ambassador Carnadi also noted that Indonesia would announce its Co-Chair in due course.

The MOG is led by three Co-Chairs, one from each of the three co-lead countries. The Co-Chairs are responsible for the overall management and coordination of the MOG.