MOG all set for pre-poll observation

The Multinational Observer Group (MOG) is ready to commence observation for the pre-poll voting period which begins on Monday 5 November. MOG Observer Coordinator, Alice Cawte, outlined the MOG’s readiness to commence deployments for pre-poll observation in a statement to the media earlier today.

“The MOG will be deploying teams from tomorrow for the six days of pre-polling across the four divisions, including in rural and remote areas, to observe voting,” said Ms Cawte.

“Our teams will also observe the security, transport and storage of ballot boxes, as well as the conduct of election officials and others.”

“Ahead of these deployments, we have briefed our observers to ensure that our observations are comprehensive and objective.”

“We are confident that we are well prepared to perform our technical observations for the voting period ahead.”

In parallel to the pre-poll deployments, the MOG will be continuing its observations of other electoral processes including postal voting, and the preparations for polling day voting and counting.

The MOG will also continue its consultations with stakeholders, including with government agencies, civil society, community groups, political parties and candidates and members of the public.

The MOG welcomes any organisation or individual to contact the MOG if they have any matter they wish to discuss.