MOG debriefs observers ahead of interim statement

On 15 November, the Multinational Observer Group (MOG) conducted a debrief session for its observer teams at the Holiday Inn in Suva. This followed their deployment across the country for Election Day.

MOG co-chair, Mr Mukesh Chandra Sahu, welcomed the return of observers to Suva and noted the importance of the debrief session.

“It is important for us to hear what each of you observed, as it helps us build a fuller picture of how Election Day went across all of Fiji,” said Mr Sahu.

“The co-chairs want to ensure that the MOG’s report reflects the views and observations of all observers.”

The MOG will deliver its interim statement tomorrow (16 November). A final report will be handed down following the conclusion of all electoral processes and will include recommendations to improve the integrity and effectiveness of future elections.