MOG holds dialogue with five political parties

The Multinational Observer Group (MOG) met leaders and representatives of five political parties on 22 October. The meeting allowed the MOG to explain its role in observing the 2018 General Election and to hear the views of the five political parties on a range of issues. Attendees included the leaders of Fiji Labour, Mr Mahendra Chaudry; Freedom Alliance, Mr Jagath Karunaratne; HOPE, Ms Tupou Draunidalo; SODELPA, Mr Sitiveni Rabuka; and Unity Fiji, Mr Savenaca Narube.

The party leaders outlined their views on a number of electoral processes and issues. They also said they hoped there would be an opportunity for further exchanges with the MOG.

MOG Observer Coordinator Alice Cawte said that the MOG placed a high priority on speaking with all of Fiji’s political parties.

“As key stakeholders in the election process, your perspectives are important in informing the MOG’s observations,” said Ms Cawte.

“The MOG is consulting widely and will be observing key election processes over the weeks ahead. Our consultations and observations will allow us to fulfil our responsibilities objectively and independently.”

“We thank you for meeting during this busy campaign period and we invite you to continue dialogue with us.”

The MOG will continue its consultations with Fiji’s political parties over coming days and weeks.