MOG meets with Chairperson of the Fijian Electoral Commission

MOG Observer Coordinator, Alice Cawte, met with Suresh Chandra, the Chairperson of the Fijian Electoral Commission on 2 October. The meeting followed Mr Chandra’s press conference at which he officially opened the period for the nomination of candidates for the General Election.

Mr Chandra welcomed the MOG to Fiji and invited the team to maintain contact with the Electoral Commission.

Ms Cawte outlined the professional, independent and transparent approach the MOG would take to observing the election and asked about the Commission’s work in preparing for the General Election.

“As part of the MOG’s work, we aim to engage broadly with political parties, candidates, civil society, non-government organisations and the Fijian public,” Ms Cawte told Mr Chandra.

“The MOG looks forward to meeting all the members of the Electoral Commission.”