MOG observes key electoral processes

The Multinational Observer Group (MOG) observed a number of electoral processes last week as part of fulfilling its mandated role. These included processes managed by both the Fijian Elections Office (FEO) and the Electoral Commission.

As part of its observation activities, MOG observers were present for:

· the closure of candidate nominations;

· the opening and closure of the candidate appeal and objection period;

· the announcement by the Electoral Commission of the outcomes of the appeals and objections process;

· the official notice of poll and pre-poll voting;

· the commencement of the printing of ballot papers;

· the candidate ball draw;

· the transport of the postal ballots from Star Printery to the FEO warehouse; and

· the start of the packing of postal ballots.

“It is important that the MOG observes these key milestones in the electoral process,” said MOG Observer Coordinator Alice Cawte.

“As we approach polling day, we will be observing many more processes.”

“In the interests of transparency, the MOG is using social media to highlight what our observers are doing in real-time where possible. I would encourage people to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.”

You can find the MOG’s social media presence here: Facebook Twitter.