MOG's work ongoing

The Multinational Observer Group (MOG) attended the announcement of the final results of the 2018 Fijian General Election and the returning of the election writ yesterday.

MOG co-chair, the Hon Jane Prentice MP, said that although these important processes were now complete, the MOG's work was ongoing. '

"While the vote, count and results are now finalised, we will be continuing to work on the MOG's final report," said co-chair Prentice.'

"The report will consider the whole electoral process, and will be comprehensive and objective in its assessments."

"We will deliver the report once all electoral processes under the Electoral Act have been completed, including the legally-mandated disputes period."

"We continue to welcome engagement with stakeholders, as the views of all Fijians are important to us."

The MOG can be contacted by any stakeholder either by email ( or through its website (